Human Capital has been discovered to be one of the greatest resources in every successful business venture. That is why we at ESP World Concepts have decided to be your trust alignment partner in the sourcing and recruitment, training and management, retainership and outsourcing of all your staffing needs and requirement through our Experiential Marketing and Recruitment Company.

The core working services we would render includes:

  • Human Capital Sourcing and Recruitment: We source required professionals and experienced hands whenever a particular need is required by the client. Our experience covers Managerial Positions, Mid-level and Entry-level Positions, Shop Floor Personnel, and Contract staffing.
  • Human Capital Training and Management: We train staff in organizations and recruit training and specialized teams to train staff as required by the client. We manage the training process in conjunction with the internal HR (Human Resource Executive) of your company. We also come in to implement training on soft or e-skills that may be required to run a particular software application or protocol. Our services also include payment package negotiations, remunerations, and compensations if the need so arises.
  • Retainership and Outsource: Our services also place us in a position to outrightly recruit for you only, Or recruit for you and stay on as a retained partner to train and or manage your personnel. We also outsource professionals to you or for you on contract termed bases.
  • Sales and Marketing Promotions Management: Our organization delves deep into providing services that cover a wide range of clientele. We therefore can engage squarely on Shop-Floor personnel recruitment and management, Sales and Activation Promoters recruitment and management, Retail staff recruitment and management, Ushers and Service reps recruitment and management.

Our clients and experience enable us to function across industries such as:

  • Retail and Market Place independent store dealers.
  • Organized Retail and Chain Store Dealers of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and FMCE (Fast Moving Consumer Electronics).
  • Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME).
  • Distribution of Commodities (Online and Offline Markets).
  • Private Organizations and Sole Ownership Businesses.
  • Corporate Organizations (Local and Multi-National entities).

Our mode of compensation is based on the client’s requests and the levels of engagement. This simply means that we can easily come in as consultants, trainers, or partners. Receive payments or draw up a schedule generated from the income derived by the recruit, or receive an outright pre-agreed payment from the client.

Our system is channeled to recruit, train, re-train, make them better, and give you the best. Our aim is to satisfy you and ensure that you have the best human resource at your disposal.